Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa and Del Osso

We are lucky enough to have Del Osso Farms, practically in our backyard. We go every year for the pumpkin patch and the kids love it. There is so much to do!!
This is the 3rd year that they have had Holidays on the Farm. The whole place is turned into a Winter Wonderland!
Inside the country store they had pictures with Santa. The line was a little long but ended up being soooo worth it. Better than any mall Santa anyday!! Marco was excited to see Santa from far away but up close he wasnt so sure. The lady taking the pictures was so patient and aware of her audience. She let me sit in the slay for a few min to warm Marco up to Santa. Santa gave the boys cupcakes and opened Marco's for him as he talked to him. Just a few minutes later I sat him on his lap and he LOVED it. Mateo was excited to tell Santa what was on both their lists!! And reminded him that there would be cookies for him at our house. He spent the time to listen and we got a ton of pictures!!
They had a huge fire pit where they were making Smores that was pretty cute too.
We saw some reindeer and the boys were in awe. And then we were off to the hightlight of the night. The train ride through the lights. The boys LOVED it is an understatement. Marco has since asked to go back so many times. We just might go back for a ride before they close!
Such a fun place to go and hard to believe it took us until now to make it their for their holiday setup. Definitely a must go to from now on. And next time, I think we'll try the snow tubing!!

Marco was so excited to see Santa he was waving to him from his spot in line!

Santa waving back!! Marco loved it! Fast forward a few min and when it was time to sit on his lap...mommy had to sit too for a few min while Santa warmed him up!! gave him a candy cane and opened it for him. Santa and Marco = new best buddies!

The best Santa we have seen yet.
So interactive and friendly with the kids!!

Definitely not a mall Santa!!

They had a mailbox and paper to write letters to Santa so we whipped one up in a minute to make sure Santa didn't forget (and since we forgot our list at home).

He smoked the other kids!! So much fun but poor Marco was in tears cuz he was too little to ride. Hopefully next year!

Santa Pics (the ones they took)

Loved the lady taking the pictures at Del Osso. She let me sit in the sleigh while the boys warmed up to Santa~
Better than that, she even took a few pictures~
(she said, "you don't wait all that time in line for your little ones to have a melt down and you (the mama) starts sweating hoping to get a good picture".)
Obviously a mama herself
And the BEST part, all the pictures go on a CD for only $10!!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Johanna's Birthday

Today the boys had a blast spending time with Johanna and celebrating her birthday! Lots of playing and lots of sweets, little kid heaven!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Catching up

So so sooo much to catch up on. Sadly blogging has been put to the bottom of the priority list, sleep going to the top. With that said, I have TONS of catching up to do. We've been doing so many fun things and these boys have been keeping us alive with their energy, growing, learning and changing. But better get a handle on it now...the holiday season is here!! woo hoo

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Boys Fishing trip

Saturday morning Jeff took Mateo fishing, just the two of them. Mateo was so excited, he woke up way too early and reminded me that he and daddy were going fishing.
The two of them left before the sun came up. Headed out to the lake and fished for hours. Unfortunately, no fish were biting, but they had a great time. Lucky boy, Mateo even has an Optimus Prime and Spongebob bobber (had a little run in with the OP bobber and a snag, which made Mateo so upset, but thanks to Iphones and internet service, it was replaced in no time with a quick search of ebay). They ended their day with a stop at Bass Pro Shops and brought home Marco his very own first Tackle Box, Cars of course

Monday, October 3, 2011

5 years old = Rites to your very own Library Card

So who knew ~ 5 years old came with a rite of passage and being able to have your very own library card?? Mateo's school is only a few blocks from the library and they get to take walking field trips to the library, so went to get him his very own library card. A very exciting day for a little boy and his mommy!
Oops, pic is backwards but very first time checking out his own books!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend full of crafting

I always have big ideas and big plans...they sit somewhere in the back of my head or on a note on my iphone somewhere. Always wishing I had the time to do them, or just making the time. Well, one of my new loves and addictions ~ pinterest. Have you been there? If not, it's a must. Love hooking new people on to it!! Well it has simplified yet complicated my life. Needless to say, it does give me some motivation to get some cool stuff done. This is only the beginning, got lots of fun stuff to add. The kids are loving it too!
Teo did dat! (Marco's newest famous words)

Sorting pasta to color

Our halloween countdown calendar
This is the back with all the magnets to choose from
The front, all magnetic and removable on a cookie sheet (yes, I can't wait to make one for Thanksgiving and Christmas)
Lots of fun projects

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Silly boys

Turning balloons into fun hats. (started out as an airplane and a sword)